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Grim and Random!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So my hero, Rob Zombie, put this on his own site and I just wanted to share it with you. If anyone's seen House of a thousand corpses or the devil's rejects you'll recognize this man immediately. Sid Haig, one of the greatest(in my own opinion) classic villain actor's. 

Well I found this a bit humbling in it's own right, I man the guy's got a cult following, there's no doubt about it. He's pretty dang tall too...

In recent news Rob Zombie is currently working on two movies, One is the remake of the classic cult-horror film 'the blob', which if any of you are too young/lazy, is about an amorphous blob that lands on earth from outer space and starts dissolving all the people and the city that it comes in contact with.

His other movie, Tyrannosaurus Rex is apparently(not confirmed) about  a wrestler named Tyrannosaurus Rex(Whodathunk?) who is on the run from a biker gang from hell. If that's what it really is you gotta love that man's ideas.

Grimsy, out.


  1. Liking the updates... keep me informed.


  2. Showin my support

    kinda freaky aye, reminds me of the joker from the dark night,
    il be posting recent and releasing technology ;) may come in handy, follow me and il show my support
    have a good one

  4. Rob hasnt made a good movie in a while hopefully his new one is good

  5. god damn rob zombie is a genius! i love his movies.. except halloween, that was OK.
    don't forget to view only my blog. i'm updating almost every day now!

  6. speaking of Rob Zombie, I heard Dragula on the way to work, and now I feel awesome!

  7. Dragula is a great song to jam out to, I will not lie! =)

    Thanks for the comments guys, love you all.

  8. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.

  9. Jeebus subscribes to your ideas!

    Gosh bless!

  10. here to show you my support..dont stop with this

  11. THE BLOB!