Grim and Random

Grim and Random!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ok so I've got a bit better of an idea what I'm doing.

Well after some deliberation I decided I'm moving this blog in a sort of horrer-esque/dark themed blog. No not something so droll as goth. Just a blog for horror junkies I suppose.

Anywho, the next thing is an oldie but a goodie. Anyone here a fan of Rob Zombie? I am. His house, is amazing. I would give up an arm, a leg, and a few other things to have one like it.

No, look at that, his pirate themed bar is awesome, but his movie room...can you imagine what it's like now? Come on dear followers, I want your opinions on this, anyone else got a better house to share, I'd love to see =)


  1. Is that you in the video? You guys seem all drunk lol

  2. best crib ever?

    i think so

  3. Haha, I wish Viperman, but, it's not =(