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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movies movies movies!

So I've been watching quite a few, for lack of a better term, horror movie trailers the past week, and a few have caught my eye. You can be sure that when they come out I'll be seeing them probably within their debut week(schedule permitting) and leave a down to earth review for you all.


Seems a bit generic, I know, but hopefully the look and feel of the creatures coupled with (hopefully) inventive ideas will make up for a perspective lack in story. But the trailer begs the question...What did those glowing SHROOMS DO TO HIM?! That's what I want to know

Night of the Demon

I gotta admit to being a b-horror junkie, I saw pirhana 3d and liked it. *gasp, shock!* But the story on this one is the Broussard Mansion is haunted, 7 evil spirits need hosts to take over. Enter a bunch of raving meddling kids, sans talking dog, and let the horror begin! If they survive the night they save the world or some jazz. Gonna be honest the effects look kinda...cheesy.

Hatchet II

Ok, this one's a slasher film. In the first one, ugly deformed Victor Crowley is born and lives in the Louisiana Bayou (yeeeee-haaaw!). Tourists prank him on halloween by throwing fireworks in his house, he's trapped, dad tries to save him hatchets down the door he's behind, and brains him on accident. He kills a bunch of kids on Mardi Gras. Second one, the one survivor, knowing his story, goes back to kill the deranged kil...wait...this sounds familiar...


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