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Grim and Random!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I liiiiiive!

Dear readers, living and dead alike. I would like to apologize for being inactive the last couple of days, I've been dealing with some serious real life problems, but I've finally got some time to get on and post.

To kickstart this post I've got a few undead suggestions for you all! Starting with the wonderful Zombie survival guide! This book is unbelievably well thought out, it's a help manual for if the dead break loose, it offers suggestions from what to pack, where to hide, where NOT to hide, and how to dispatch of the dead if you end up facing them, mano y mano!

The main thing that really resonated with me throughout the book was that he made the zombie virus, Solanum, something not fully understood, it was written at a perspective from someone who does not know what it is, just how it works, leaving plenty of room for backstory, which is explored in World war Z! It is written from many different perspectives as if a massive zombie outbreak(one that is classified in the survival guide) occurred.

The perspectives range from military commanders distraught at the failure of conventional tactics, random people of all level's of society across the world fighting to survive, or even people who used the mass media fear to profit and live in seclusion. Either way, I highly recommend both books, and at a price for $9.99 individually it really isn't that much of a hit to your pocket. You can always go check your library too I guess, but it's worth the read, even if you aren't a heavy reader.

However this is not all, I have an important announcement in regards to this blog, I gave it some consideration and realized I need something static, so I'm going to find a b-horror/grindhouse/otherwise "so shit it's good" movie, as a dear reader so aptly put, and do a review. Probably bi-weekly. You can expect the first review by wednesday, I'll probably do it tomorrow because I'm off.

Ciao until then, If anyone has any particular suggestions or want me to do anything, by all means tell me!


  1. Yea... i will check your blog every day... really good one. ;)

  2. i need to poop

    check it

  3. Sorry to hear about your personal troubles.
    I didn't care for a lot of the ZSG- there's a lot of things that don't make sense. How's a zombie with decaying eyes going to see a cigarette ember from a mile away at night? What? Smelling fresh blood instantly?

    Anyway, I've been making my own knives just for a short time. A few months- this is the first one I've completed, and I'm working on my second now.

  4. try watching cannibal holocaust if you haven't already. it caused a huge uproar because of it's realish gore scenes.

  5. The zombie apocalypse is near, best be prepared

  6. glad to see you're beating inertia today!

  7. World War Z? This is all pretty confusing...