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Grim and Random!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Handy device

So there's a neat little device I found, that makes a 3d world and keeps track of your hits. The pc gamer clan I run with had it on their website so I nabbed it for myself.

I know there's probably a better place for it than the bottom left of my blog but, c'est la vie. I am lazy.
I actually am kinda guilty of using it for myself. I like checking it when I'm on to get an idea where a lot of you are from, and it's rather amusing to me.

I just started this blog and I've gotten a few folks in canada, one on the other side of the globe and a few scattered throughout the US of A.

I want to know where all my perspective friends are in the weeks to come. Please, I encourage you all to use it, it's free and made to help you all out.


  1. pretty cool

  2. Well like I said it's at the bottom left of my blog here, you can grab and turn it. Just a hit display =)

  3. Son, I am NOT disappoint! Checking in to show some love ;)

  4. hey there, just clicked around and i think i clicked some of your ads by mistake ;D


    Dude I accidentally some ads, is that bad?

  6. Supportin