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Grim and Random!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It puts the vakra to the fifth chakra or it gets it's brains eaten again.

Do you know what this is? Tell me. You don't? It's the motherfucking zombie apocalypse. There's chaos on the streets, your neighbors are dead, your parents are in some other ass-backwards city-status unknown, and your friends are now your undead enemies!

Well you blistering dumbass you should of gone to zombie tools and prepared, now your food for Zak! Well it's alright, because knowledge is power, and I just loaded your slap-happy self with all you need to know. This site has all you need to have a field-day, my favorite, as if the title didn't give it away, is the Vakra. A kukri that's meant to go straight for the fifth chakra which resides in the throat.

But beyond the weapons(which to be honest aren't that expensive, or at least as much as I thought it would be) there's a few sweet T's I wouldn't mind getting like the undead Che Guevara. Nice touch, guys. Fuck the revolution indeed.

If anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present, by all means please help arm me for the inevitable invasion! I've got my location for bunkering down all mapped out, I just need the tools to make it through!


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