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Monday, August 30, 2010

Web comics!

So I follow a decent number of comics religiously, to do so there's a wonderful thing for firefox(you do use firefox, right?) called morning coffee that organizes bookmarks be days and opens them for you, so if your favorite webcomics all follow their schdule you just plug in and go. Very handy.

A few comics I follow beside the bigger ones such as c&h or pennyarcade are:
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Somewhat Brainy humor. Any comic with a student justifying porn as creation science is a winner in my book
Amazing Super Powers Which is amazing for it's tooltip, and alternate comic, so he basically makes three jokes in one go, and I must admit he's yet to produce something I didn't find funny.
Gunshow Crude and often weird humor by K. C. Green. He does some of the best facial expressions on his comics I have ever seen.
Oglaf (not family friendly, I'm saying this now) Mythology meets sexy losers, Many sex based jokes in a fantasy setting.
Happle Tea It's a bit harder to describe, kind of like mythology mixed with contemporary humor, but with visually appealing art thrown into the mix.
Hark, a vagrant Remember the days of sitting in AP Euro or history class, well this woman went and made fun of everything, dramatizes historic events and spits out good fun for you to enjoy.
Boxer Hockey Is a growing story about a team that plays boxer hockey(hockey in boxers with frogs, I kid you not). It's not too old so definitely worth reading from the beginning.
ChannelATE I don't know where the guy comes up with this stuff, but he's probably a crazy genius.

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